Mom of the Month – September 2009

Meet the September Mom of the Month - my friend Brenda!

Meet the September Mom of the Month - my friend Brenda!

After having her daughter and taking a year maternity leave, Brenda knew she was interested in making a career change.  While she didn’t really struggle with the decision to return to work, she felt less than enthused about returning to her previous industries – magazine publishing and digital marketing.  She wanted her paid work to be more fulfilling – having a baby changed her perspective on what is important to her.  She felt lost when it came time to make the transition and wasn’t getting any pick-up on the resumes she was sending out.  This only increased her feelings of frustration and poor self-esteem.

Career Fit Mom helped Brenda identify the types of positions she should apply for and how to best market herself to recruiters and human resources professionals.  Brenda says, “You helped me find the job I wanted and created a kick-ass resume to grab the attention of those doing the hiring.”

Once she started gaining traction in her job search we began interview counseling to build the confidence she needed to perform well in an interview.  The preparation really paid off and Brenda ultimately landed a job she really wanted – in non-profit communications.  She is challenged in her work, engaged with clients who need the support of her fabulous charitable organization and is really “giving back.”

Brenda has since become a regular fixture in our Group Fit Class, stating “Now that I have the job I’ve been looking for, I’ve joined Group Fit to make my next change – to a healthier, fitter role model for my little girl.”

I’m so proud of all that Brenda’s accomplished!  Making these big changes wasn’t easy but by collaborating with Career Fit Mom, she built the confidence she needed to recreate her life in a rewarding way.

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