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Office Manager Toronto – Part-Time

Office Manager required in Toronto at 7D Surgical – two days per week.


Salary – Commensurate with candidate’s qualifications

Length of position – Permanent, part-time (2 days per week to start)

Location – 60 Scarsdale Road, Unit 118, Toronto, ON, M3Bc2R7

Company Description:

7D Surgical is a Toronto-based medical device company. We are developing the next generation of surgical navigation technologies that directly addresses major pain points associated with current systems: their difficulty of use, and lengthy setup time. We are looking for creative self-motivated team players who thrive in a fast-paced environment and are up to the challenges of bringing innovative medical devices to market.

Human Resources

  • New hire paperwork and orientation
  • Maintain company/employee files
  • Assist team with recruitment of new employees through multiple channels
  • Payroll support
  • Vacation/time off scheduling

Office Maintenance

  • Maintaining office + office supplies
  • Setting up for client meetings (includes coffee, catering etc)
  • Manage invoices and payments from all vendors + clients
  • Schedule employees’ performance reviews
  • Coordinate cleaning services, building repairs, maintenance, fire alarm monitoring, etc. (if required)
  • Ensure the office environment is kept neat and organized in common areas

Assistant Tasks

  • Support monthly reconciliation of financial records and accounts
  • Regular communication with bookkeeper
  • Prepare quarterly HST returns
  • Support SRED tax filings
  • Book travel for company employees, schedule meetings
  • Set up + confirm meetings
  • Managing invoices + client payments
  • Arrange for courier pick ups
  • Prepare documents, presentations, and materials as required

Required Qualifications:

  • Office Administration Diploma or equivalent
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in a role similar to the position description including office management and administrative assistant
  • Proficient in Office Suite
  • Proficient in quick books
  • Strong administrative skills
  • Exceptional written and oral communication
  • Strong organizational skills + time management skills
  • Highly resourceful
  • Dependability – the individual is consistently at work and on time, follows instructions, responds to management direction and solicits feedback to improve performance
  • Self-motivated and self-managing
  • Ability to work both independently and on a team
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively
  • Attention to details

Note: The above description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities, or qualifications associated with the job. All personnel may be required to perform duties outside of their normal responsibilities due to the nature of work performed to accomplish 7D Surgical’s Mission.

How to Apply:

Send your resume, referencing CareerFit Mom to: careers@7dsurgical.com

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Transitioning Back to Work after Maternity Leave


Used under the Flickr Creative Commons license Photo by: Sal / Wondermonkey2k

Used under the Flickr Creative Commons license Photo by: Sal / Wondermonkey2k

Ah, the emotional roller coaster that comes with a parental leave from work.

Before and during your pregnancy, you feel fully engaged and enthusiastic about progressing your career. The first few months with your baby throws everything into a crazy mess as you get to know your child. For many of my clients, it is difficult to transition from work to being at home with a baby. Not only is your job a big part of your self-esteem and confidence, it is also where you spent the majority of your waking hours. Now you’re awake all the time as a new mom dealing with your infant’s needs. As your maternity leave draws to a close, you feel anxious about what the world of work will look like upon your return and how you’ll cope with leaving your baby with another caregiver.


It is smart to have a loose strategy about how you plan to communicate with work while you’re on maternity leave. Having some informal interactions will keep you in the loop and help reduce anxiety. It’s almost like desensitizing yourself to the shock of going to back. Here are my tips for how soon and how often to touch base and what kind of communication is most appropriate.

When Baby Arrives:

Send an email to your closest work contacts – to your manager, direct reports and significant colleagues. They will want to share your joy! Write a brief message to let them know you made it through your journey. Introduce your child by name and include a photo because they’ll definitely want to see if your baby looks like you!

Show and Tell:

A visit to the workplace can be a nice outing if yours is a safe and welcoming environment for a baby. Arrange a time with anyone you’re close to and make sure your boss is aware you’re coming in. This will be a good time to touch base but keep it light and personal. You don’t need to be dragged into your responsibilities or projects. Simply say hello to your replacement but stop yourself from looking over their shoulder at your old work.

Only go into the office if you are really interested and ready. It may take, 6, 8 or 12 weeks to feel like you have it “together” enough to make an appearance. For me, there happened to be a company holiday party scheduled for about 6 weeks after my twins were born. My husband and I attended with the babies but I felt anxious the entire time. In retrospect it was probably too early for me to feel comfortable attending a big event with my colleagues passing the girls around from person to person.

Staying Connected Online:

Enjoy your maternity leave and if you’d like to, keep in touch via email or social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram with your close friends from work. Make it a social conversation and let them know up front how much office news you want to be made aware of.

Lunch Dates:

Perhaps schedule a lunch or coffee date about halfway through your leave, if you have a close relationship with your co-workers. One of my clients appreciated her invitation to another colleague’s office baby shower. It felt nice to be included and gave her a chance to see her work contacts in a social setting. Otherwise, it is perfectly fine to disengage from work to focus on your new job of being a mom.

Communicating About Returning to Work:

Thinking about when your leave ends or if you choose to go back earlier than one year, contact your manager and/or Human Resources about two months before. Let them know your anticipated Return to Work date and book a meeting to speak to your boss about what you can expect upon your return. Try to find childcare if possible for that meeting so you can focus on the conversation without being distracted. This is your chance to determine what you’ll be coming back to in terms of projects and priorities.

Re-establishing your Professional Status:

As you get back into the swing of things at work, make sure you’re asking smart questions such as:

What are the most important things I can accomplish in my first 6 weeks back?

  • Ask this so you understand what the expectations are and so you can negotiate them to ensure they are realistic before you jump back into work.

Were there any challenges while I was away?

  • Understanding this will give you line of sight to any problems the team or company dealt with over your maternity leave. It shows you’re sensitive to what your colleagues worked on while you were away and gives you a bit of history to help you better tackle those outstanding issues when you’re back.

What new people or initiatives should I be introduced to?

  • Make sure you are aware of what your team’s goals will be in the next year and how you can support them. Also, meeting new employees and stakeholders will be crucial in helping to integrate you back into your work “groove”.

Keeping some contact with work during your one year maternity leave will help you feel loosely connected to what’s going on in your professional life. Knowing some of the office politics and goings-on will reduce anxiety about returning to work. Try to find some appropriate times and ways to keep in contact while you stretch yourself in a completely new way – as a mom dealing with the most unpredictable but joyful experience you’ll ever face!


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Magic Five Workout – Exercises for Busy Moms

Five moves you can do on even the busiest of days!

My clients are busy moms like you with almost zero personal time.

I’m often asked, “What are the best exercises to do when I can’t fit in a full workout?”

I’m happy to share some speedy actions you can take to improve your fitness, even when you’re juggling all the responsibilities of motherhood and beyond.

Magic Five Exercises:  I recommend these moves for maximum calorie burn as they hit major muscle groups, keeping your heart rate up.

Wall Squat: works quads, glutes, hamstrings

  • Back against wall, arms up in goal post, lower down so legs are at 90 degree angle, weight in heels.
  • Hold for 30-60 seconds
  • Advanced: Lift 1 foot off ground and straighten leg out (30 sec)
  • Both feet on ground (30 sec)
  • Lift other foot off ground (30 sec)
  • Both feet on ground for final push – how long can you hold it?

Push-Ups: works chest, arms, core

  • On toes, knees or even on the wall, complete as many as you can to fatigue

Lunges: works legs, butt

  • Stand with one leg forward, put weight on the front foot
  • Bend knees keeping front knee over the ankle
  • Repeat bend and straighten for up to 15 reps – you can add a static hold in the bent position for more challenge
  • Rest 30-60 sec. then complete reps on the other side

Plank:  works core

  • Lie on belly, place forearms on floor and lift body off the floor so you’re in a straight line from head to toe
  • Keep knees on floor to make it easier
  • Hold for as long as you can, aiming for 30-60 sec.

Bird Dog: works core

  • On hands & knees, R arm extended + L leg extended & hold for 20 seconds.  Switch sides. Repeat each side again.
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COMMUNITY ANIMATOR: AKA – Barista for Social Change (full & part-time)

…I just love how this posting is written!  Sounds like a super laid back, fun and invigorating place to work! – Beth
Position Type: Full and Part-time Positions available
Salary: $32,000 FTE
Is it possible to find fun-loving and anal- retentive, detail oriented and big picture inspired in the same person? We’re counting on it!
About the Centre for Social Innovation
The Centre for Social innovation catalyzes and supports social innovation in Toronto and around the world. We create community workspaces, incubate emerging enterprises, and develop new models and methods with world-changing potential.
We currently operate two workspaces: one at 215 Spadina Avenue and one at 720 Bathurst Street. Our spaces are home to over 250 projects and organizations dedicated to making a brighter future!
About CSI’s Community Host & Animator
The community animator is part host, part office manager, part receptionist, part triage nurse, part executive assistant, part social networker and full-time agent for change!!
We seek an extraordinary individual who brings solid communication skills, superior organizational skills, strong customer-service orientation and a positive attitude to a demanding and dynamic work environment. The Community Hosts and Animators will work closely with the Lead Community Animators and will be responsible for handling the day-to-day reception, administration and coordination of our Spadina and Annex offices.
The Work Responsibilities:
  • Coordinate the day-to-day operations to ensure that the tenants and visitors are happy
  • Act as reception and provide front-line communications with those interested in the work of the Centre
  • Handle event inquiries– act as event mid-wife to those wanting to host events at CSI
  • Help facilitate various events as required
  • Handle internal communications and email lists
  • Resolve and solve problems constantly and manage everything at once
  • Fill coffee, empty dishwashers and clean up spills
  • Provide hospitality service to our tenants and guests
  • Provide administrative and technology support as required
  • Provide administrative support to the Lead Community Animators in each building
  • Handle meeting room booking
  • Trouble-shoot technical and administrative (and interpersonal!) problems
  • Communicate in person and via e-mail in a friendly and clear way
  • Ensure that all of the shared amenities and equipment are operating
  • Coordinate and work with the building staff and owner
  • Set up boardrooms as needed (it can get physical)
  • Help us modify and set-up our operational infrastructure!
The Fun Responsibilities:
  • Connecting people and ideas
  • Brightening people’s days
  • Building social networks
  • Capturing and telling stories
  • Creating a culture of openness and sharing
The ideal candidate will have:
  • Superior attention to detail and organizational skills
  • Some writing and social media skills
  • Some event organizing/ coordination experience
  • People skills and sensitivity to people’s needs
  • Capacity to handle a million things
  • Enthusiasm and energy
  • Sound judgment and comfort working autonomously
  • A low-stress attitude in a complex environment
  • Familiarity with –- and keen interest in -– Toronto’s social mission sector
  • Willingness to do whatever it takes…… Zero attitude!!
You must also have a great sense of humour –- seriously, you will need a great sense of humour because inevitably something will go wrong.
This position offers the right candidate an excellent opportunity to be part of something incredible, meeting tons of amazing people and applying your skills to positive social change in Toronto.
We are seeking someone who recognizes the value of this role and understands how convening community contributes to social change!
We are an equal opportunity employer and strongly support applications from diverse backgrounds and communities.
Submit your cover letter and resume by email by Monday, January 10th, 2011 to: Grace Yogaretnam, Exec. Assistant: grace@socialinnovation.ca.
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Style Me Fabulous Contest


Do something for yourself this spring and enter for a chance to win a FREE Signature Style Session with Style Coach Safina Khimani of Faith Style a value of $500.

The Signature Style Session consists of eight devoted hours over the course of 4 one-on-one sessions where you and Safina work together to develop your personal Mama Style.

Safina will help to identify your body type, teach you how to best dress it while camouflaging your challenge areas, and discover your individual colour palette. Safina will then conduct a Wardrobe Detox where you try on every item (kinda like What Not to Wear except she’s much nicer!) and together you’ll begin to discuss the core principles of a fabulous outfit while editing out the items that just don’t work for you. Safina will identify the garments that can be altered to best suit your body and inspire you by showing you just how amazing you can look. You’ll then go out for an afternoon of fun! Safina will map out the stores prior to the shopping session that will compliment with your body type and knock off some of the missing items from your Essential Shopping List she provides. Because the stores are all planned out it takes out all the guess work allowing you to have a stress-free experience and learn to shop strategically (i.e. in outfits vs. pieces). Finally the last session ends with you and Safina back at your home building outfits with both your existing and new items that will work for you rather than the other way around.

The Signature Style Sessions are tailored to you and Safina pampers you with a Mama Style that makes you feel fabulous!

To enter to win all you need to do is leave a comment below with a description of your favourite piece of clothing, accessory and/or pair of shoes – past or present.

For more information on Faith Style visit www.befaithfulbefabulous.ca

Contest Rules & Regulations
• Entries accepted until last day of one of the contest period (Apr. 26 – May 10)
• Open to GTA residents only
• One entry per person
• Winner Style Success Story along with Before & After shots to be shared on www.CareerFitMom.ca
upon completion 

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Small Steps Get Big Results: How can you step up to Career & Fitness Success?

Step Back from the everyday details of your life and look at the big picture. 

What does winning at weight loss or career transition feel like?  What has worked for you in the past?  How will you overcome any obstacles you’re facing?

Step Forward into each new day. 

Accomplish one task in your job search whether it is researching opportunities, networking or writing a resume.  Act upon one daily weight loss strategy such as portion control, keeping a food/exercise diary or moving more.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone with support.

Making life changes is tough.  I lost 90 pounds, but it didn’t happen overnight and I still struggle to maintain my weight.  When my twins were born I decided not to return to my career in Human Resources.  Instead I started CareerFit Mom. I now help other moms achieve their dreams for a better body and a more fulfilling career.

It took commitment, planning and time to safely lose the weight I gained during pregnancy and to create my comeback career.  Structuring my goals into simple steps made it easier to achieve lasting changes.

You can meet your goals by taking small, manageable steps.  Allow setbacks by learning from them and moving forward.  Forgive yourself for lapses and re-lapses – they happen to everyone.  Both weight loss and job search can be incredibly isolating and disheartening so make sure you engage your family and friends in your plan.  You’ll need their support as you hit bumps along the way. 

Keep taking small steps and you’ll be sure to find success.  I believe in you!

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Mom of the Month

Transitioning to motherhood can be so overwhelming. 

For Shannon, finding time to exercise was a priority, despite the changes she was facing as a new mom. 

Shannon - Mom of the Month

Shannon - Mom of the Month

Shannon joined my Stroller Group Fit classes this past summer and loved how the class eased her back into exercise after giving birth to her daughter in April.   “It is great that the workout varies from week to week so I never get bored.  I also appreciate that I’ve met other moms in my neighbourhood,” she says.  “The drop-in approach with Class Passes makes it easy to attend when I can.”  She is definitely a regular attendee – Shannon even brought her mom and a friend (who live out of town) to the Stroller Group Fit class to join her in her weekly sweat session!

Finding a fitness pro who is sensitive to the needs of post-partum women was important to Shannon. Taking into consideration a new mom’s pelvic wall strength, possible abdominal separation (diastasis recti), hormonal shifts and sleep deprivation – fitness needs to be modified for a range of abilities.  Says Shannon, “I went to one mom & baby fitness class where they did so many quad exercises on my first day that I could honestly barely make it down the stairs with my daughter for the next couple of days.   She was so new and tricky to carry then that I was scared to walk down the stairs on a good day with her!”  Returning to gentle exercise and then continually increasing your efforts as you get stronger is a healthy way to shed baby fat and return to pre-pregnancy weight.

I really respect Shannon’s ability to try new things and take on new challenges.  When I recommended a push-up program to my participants, Shannon quickly signed herself (and her husband!) up.  It wasn’t long before she was pumping out more and more push-ups, reaching an all-time high of 25 full push-ups in a row.  Shannon also committed to doing my Weekly Challenge moves, incorporating tough exercises like Wall Squats and Tricep Dips into her at-home routine.  She even managed to fit in my 20-minute “Fitness in a Flash” workout over the holidays!

“Beth is really good at incorporating exercises that can be modified which made it more comfortable to ease back into exercising at first.  Now I can make the exercises more challenging since my fitness has steadily improved,” Shannon says.

Shannon’s arms are looking really buff and she has toned up all over.  She gained 45 pounds during pregnancy and lost the first 20 fairly quickly after her daughter was born.  She has worked hard to lose an additional 13 pounds since the fall.  Shannon will be joining my Weight Loss Program on Tuesday mornings to help keep her on track to lose the final few pounds.  The Weight Loss Program includes a weigh-in, group meeting and 30-minute power workout.  As Shannon says, “this is just what I need at this stage post-partum!”

“Beth’s approach to fitness and style of instructing has made working out with a baby very easy and enjoyable.  I love going to Career Fit Mom exercise classes during the day; it feels like a total luxury.  This is the life I would love to continue living if I didn’t have to go back to work after my maternity leave!”

I’m so happy to have Shannon and her daughter at my classes each week and I look forward to her participating in my early morning and evening classes when she heads back to work.  Her commitment to exercise and enthusiasm is motivating and encouraging for all new moms!



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Fitness In A Flash – 20 Minutes to Feeling Great Over the Holidays

  • Warm-up for 3 minutes before starting the workout.
  • Do 10-15 reps of each muscle conditioning move.
  • Move quickly to your cardio boosts between muscle conditioning moves to keep heart rate elevated.
  • Cool down and stretch for at least 3 minutes at the end of the workout.

1. Ballet Squat & Scapula Squeeze: works legs, glutes, back, shoulders
• Wide stance, toes pointed out, push knees back, arms out to side
• Bend knees, lowering into squat. Squeeze arms into body, shoulder blades together, elbows behind back
• Release out of squat, moving arms back to side. 2 counts down & 2 counts up (option w/ tube or weights)

YouTube Preview Image

2. Cardio Boost: Jumping Jacks (30 seconds)

3. Squat with Side Leg Lift: works legs, glutes
• Lower into squat & lift R leg to side as you straighten up.
• Repeat, lifting L leg to side = 1 rep (option step on tube, hip width apart)

YouTube Preview Image

4. Cardio Boost: Jump Rope (30 seconds)

5. Lunge & Torso Twist: works legs, glutes, obliques
• R leg forward in lunge position, keeping knee at 90 degree angle over ankle
• Lower into lunge, pause and twist torso to R side
• Release twist and push through front leg to standing. Complete R side then L

YouTube Preview Image

6. Cardio Boost: Side Glides – big & low step touch, arms arc overhead (30 seconds)

7. Push-ups: works chest, shoulders, arms

8. Cardio Boost: Squat & Kick Front (30 seconds)

YouTube Preview Image

9. Tricep Dips: works back of arms
• Sit on edge sturdy chair or stairs, hands at hips
• Lower hips below chair by bending at elbows. Keep elbows tucked in
• Push hips back up and repeat

YouTube Preview Image

10. Cardio Boost: Repeater Knee – arms reach & pull down. On R leg 15 seconds then L leg

YouTube Preview Image

11. Bridge & Leg Extension: works glutes, hamstrings, quads, core
• Lie down on back, feet planted on floor and push hips up. Hold for 30 seconds
• Advanced: Lift 1 leg off ground & hold parallel with supporting leg, while continuing to push hips up. Switch legs

YouTube Preview Image

12. Cardio Boost: Mountain Climbers – plank position on hands, bring alternating knees into chest as quickly as possible (30 seconds)

YouTube Preview Image

13. Superwoman: works core
• Lie face-down, hands stretched overhead
• Lift chest & feet off the ground and hold 4 counts, feeling back muscles engage. Release and repeat

YouTube Preview Image

14. Plank: works core
• Lie face-down, lift body into table top position on forearms. Hold for 30 seconds on toes or knees

YouTube Preview Image

15. Seated Pikes: works abs
• Sit on floor, place hands behind your back, lean backwards to engage abs.
• Bring knees up and into chest, crunching abs. Next, lengthen legs out (keep off floor) while leaning backwards.

YouTube Preview Image
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Mom of the Month – December 2009

“Stroller Group Fit toned me up, big time!” 

As one of my most dedicated and motivated Group Fit participants, Marta has greatly improved her level of fitness and self-care over the last few months. Marta Mom of the Month December 2009_2

We were both having “one of those days” when I met Marta for the first time.  I personally needed a bit of a break and the local, family-friendly café seemed like a good place to rest and refuel. While my girls eagerly played with ponies in the café, I sat down in the air conditioned coolness and noticed Marta giving her three-year-old daughter and nine-month son a snack too.

Our conversation quickly turned to fitness.  Marta was passionate about playing rugby and was very involved in the sport before she got pregnant with her first child.  “I hadn’t done much physical activity since my rugby days and my body, mind and spirit definitely were in withdrawal”, she says.  “I missed the team camaraderie, the incredible work-outs and pushing myself on the field.”

“With a pre-schooler and a baby I found it so difficult to find time and motivation to exercise,” Marta says.  Like many of us, incorporating our children into our workouts is the only way to carve out that time.  Stroller Group Fit seemed like a possible solution for Marta – she could bring both kids along for the ride while she exercised with them at the park.

Marta dropped into her first class and participated with great intensity.  “It was tough those first few times,” she says.  “Beth gave options to make the moves easier or harder, but I was used to pushing myself in rugby and tried to give it my all.  I think I pushed myself a little too hard in those initial classes!”

It can be disheartening when we come back to fitness after a break.  Your mind remembers your previous abilities, but your body doesn’t.  Marta had the spirit and intention to kick up the intensity of her workouts, but she had to ease into it and re-build her conditioning again.

She started by incorporating Stroller Group Fit into her weeks with the kids.  It wasn’t long before she added my Saturday Morning Group Fit to her routine, while her husband was home on weekends.  Marta is willing to give anything a try, which I greatly admire.  “I’m not a big fan of dance aerobics, but Beth even had me coming out to her Baby Boogie class!” 

Marta now attends my indoor Stroller Circuit and Thursday night Group Fit classes.  Her cardiovascular ability has improved and she powers through sprints, plyometrics and cardio drills like nobody’s business.  “I’m much stronger now,” Marta says.  “I can do way more full push-ups and tricep dips than before.  I’m also noticing my everyday activities are so much easier.  Carrying my son, pushing the stroller, running after my daughter and getting around without the use of a car on a day-to-day basis are no longer a struggle.  I have energy to burn!”

She looks great, too!  Marta’s body has toned up and she’s seeing definition in her muscles that wasn’t there before.  “I’m really happy with how I look and feel,” she says.  “But mostly, I’m grateful to have found a solution that works for me, as a busy mom.  I wasn’t taking time for myself and my own needs, until I started attending Group Fit classes.  I’m really happy with the results of my efforts!”

Marta will be returning to work as an accountant in February and it will take a bit of adjusting.  She’s committed to continuing working out in the evenings at Group Fit classes.  I’m confident that her renewed enthusiasm for exercise will help her manage the transition back to work, giving her energy to juggle the daily challenges of being a working mom. 

Marta – I’m so glad we met that fateful day in the café!  I’m very proud of you and admire you as a strong woman and as a great mom!

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Mom of the Month – November 2009

Have you ever stepped on the scale and wondered how your weight crept up seemingly overnight? 

For Juli, a regular participant in my Group Fit classes, it was a wake up call when she realized she’d regained almost all the weight she’d lost after her pregnancy.  She was getting close to being back up to her pre-natal weight and her daughter was now two years old. 

“It was 18 months of not being mindful,” says Juli.  “I had a lot going on in my life, including trying to get pregnant again with baby number two.  I was only working out once per week (at MumNet) and was eating a lot more treats than usual.” Juli Langhorne Nov 25 2009_full hot body_resized

Juli hit the brakes and re-set her attitude this summer.  She’s still trying to get pregnant, but decided to take action on her weight loss now.  Her renewed focus on her health includes a revamped fitness routine with lots of cross-training at Group Fit classes.  Because the workouts change every week, Juli is challenging her body in new ways.  This method keeps her body guessing to avoid weight loss plateaus. 

Juli was a regular throughout the fall at my outdoor sessions and is now participating in the Early Riser’s Group Fit class.  “I love the flexibility of the pass system, so I can attend classes when it is convenient for me”, she says.  “Getting my workout done first thing in the morning is a real gift – I walk around the rest of the day feeling like I’ve accomplished so much!”  Juli even drops-in to the Baby & Mom Group Fit class on Wednesday afternoons when her daughter is in pre-school.  “Beth modifies the workout for me so I can get a good sweat, even without a baby carrier.  Plus, I love being around all the new moms and their little ones.”

Regular exercise and tracking her meals using the Weight Watchers method has helped Juli lose 25 pounds.  She is keeping momentum on her weight loss objective by setting mini-goals and keeping a positive mindset.  While she is extremely busy with her three year old daughter, her husband and her business as a skincare and nutrition consultant, she is aware of her own self-care needs.  “Scheduling my workouts into my calendar helps me create time for exercise and I’m less likely to blow it off when I get overwhelmed by my ‘to do’ list,” says Juli.

“The group dynamic in the classes is incredibly powerful.  The women I’ve met through Beth’s classes are really encouraging.  We share our stories, tips and lots of laughs,” remarks Juli.  She feels an extra push of accountability to attend Group Fit classes because the other participants are expecting her!

As women and mothJuli Langhorne Nov 25 2009_thumbs up_resizeders we have so many demands on our time and energy.  I believe that by giving back to yourself through exercise, nutrition and goal setting, is so important.  When we’re working towards something, we’re self-improving, getting stronger and healthier.  That gives us more to share with our families, co-workers, friends and neighbours.  Juli’s new mantra pretty much sums it up: “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better!”  Keep it up, Juli!  Your positive energy is inspirational!

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  • Testimonials

    “I employed Beth's services when I was searching for a job in 2008. This included rewriting my resume and cover letter. I was simply blown away by the results. I'm a writer myself and thought I had done a pretty good job of putting these pieces together, but Beth made my experience and skills sound incredible. I had two job offers in two months -- and they were GREAT job offers. I was even able to play them off one another to negotiate a better salary. I have recommended Beth to friends and would not hesitate for a second to hire her again when I'm ready to look for a new job.
    - Lisa D'Innocenzo”
  • Mom of the Month

    Erin’s baby was only three months old when she saw a poster for CareerFit Mom in her neighbourhood.

    “I didn’t have any numerical goals – just wanted to kickstart a healthy and active routine in my life,” she says. Finding CareerFit Mom was the key. The exercise classes available were created with a new mom in mind ... More