Part Time, Flexible, Home Based Childcare Manager Role

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The Metro Mothers Network is a volunteer-based not-for-profit, registered charity committed to providing opportunities for mothers to meet in a mutually supportive peer group setting. Our mission is to promote the emotional, mental and physical well being of approximately 400 group members across Metro Toronto. See our website for further descriptions of our work and programs.

Our Childcare Manager position has become available.  We require a Childcare Manager with training in early childhood education, effective communication and computer skills, and the flexibility to oversee/visit our childcare program in multiple locations across Toronto. This individual will carry out responsibilities from home, 12 hours per week, 40 weeks per year.  Remuneration will be discussed with candidates receiving interviews.

Previous management/supervising experience is preferred.

Responsibilities to the following groups include:

Childcare Providers

·         Management of childcare providers in our various groups across Toronto

·         Oversee hiring and evaluation of childcare providers

·         Management of the police records checks procedures

·         Providing ongoing First Aid and CPR certified training

·         Designing and delivering annual childcare orientation and training sessions in each region (east/west/central)

Childcare Representatives

·         Support and advise group childcare representatives who volunteer to act as liaison

Metro Mothers Network

·         Assist in design of childcare policy for Metro Mothers Network and ensure it is followed at all times

·         Provide pertinent childcare info to our website

·         Ensure all legal and insurance-related compliance (worker:child ratios, emergency protocol, worker qualifications, etc.)

Interested Applicants must have:

·         Strong inter-personal skills

·         Computer skills in Microsoft Word and Excel

·         Access to vehicle, computer and cell phone

·         The ability to travel in the mornings to multiple group locations across Toronto

ECE training or experience in the childcare field is an asset.

Thank you for your interest.

Please send resume and cover letter by September 16th, 2013 in confidence to Marjorie MacIsaac, Executive Director at

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