Part-time Assistant Needed for Consulting Company

Ctr is actively searching for the perfect assistant to work at ctr’s Dundas and Logan office and remotely for about 8 days a month, starting this month.
Job Description:
To be a senior assistant to the head of ctr inc., on a variety of admin and communication support tasks, with the intent of ultimately moving into other roles within the company
About Ctr (
Ctr is a value based, sustainability building and communications consulting practice that specializes in helping individuals, companies and NFP organization build value that is meaningful to their customers, employees and the communities in which they operate.   Our multi-disciplined team of service providers consists of sustainability focused experts in leadership, energy engineering, business transformation, communication and marketing and IT architecture; primarily in these sectors:  Agriculture, Industrial, Technology, Government, Real Estate, Commercial + charities.
The ideal candidate:
1.       Believes in sustainability and is not opposed to for working with clients of all sizes – including corporate (sustainability, marketing and energy departments of global and national companies) as well as private firms, NFP and charities.
2.       Graduated from university or college, ideally in business and/or communications (or similar discipline)
3.       Has excellent organizational, facilitation, verbal and written communication skills and interacts well with others
4.       Is proficient in MS office software, including excel and if possible, project management (a bonus)
5.       Likes to learn and is open to sharing
6.       Has consulting work environment experience
7.       Enjoys working collaboratively and can also work independently
8.       Other – tbd organically
9.       BONUS – has project management experience and is bi-lingual (Portuguese, Spanish or French + English)
Job Application due Date:  January 12, 2011
Application Process:
If interested please submit your resume to and cc me at
In your cover letter, please provide a short summary of your work experience and work interests, as well as any questions for clarification.
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