Virtual Training Programs

No time.  No motivation.  No results with the same, old routine.

These have been the roadblocks standing between you and your fitness goals.  Now there is a new solution.

Virtual Training and Coaching with CareerFit Mom is a flexible and portable fitness program designed for the busy parent or time-starved professional. For a fraction of the cost of a gym membership or a personal trainer, you can have a fun, total body workout designed to get results – whether your goal is weight loss, improved fitness or stress relief.

You’ll see improvements from these workouts even if you have just 20 minutes to spare, and the routines will change every month to keep you motivated and challenged. Our experts will help you stay on track. There’s no need to go it alone.

Here’s how the program works:

  1. Choose a workout that suits your goals – there are new routines added each month.
  2. Upon purchasing via PayPal, you’ll be redirected to a Registration page.
  3. Once you’ve submitted the form you will receive an email with a link and password that gives you access to your online workout and video clips.
  4. You can also find your routine at This is where you can log-in, view your exercise routine with printable instructions and watch the how-to video clips. Simply click on Members in the menu bar to access your workouts.
  5. Workouts include options to be done in 20, 45 or 60 minutes depending on how much time you have.
  6. You have the flexibility to exercise at home, or bring the routine with you to the gym or outdoors.
  7. Weekly tips, challenges and motivational support will be sent via e-mail to inspire your efforts.
  8. You’ll have email access to our CareerFit Coaches where our community of fitness professionals will answer any questions you  have and support you along the way.
  9. Aim to start a new routine every four weeks. By constantly changing your exercises, you’ll challenge your body and mind. No more stubborn plateaus and no more boredom.

Virtual Training Routines:

Total Body Blaster: only $25.00 + tax

Cardio and muscle conditioning intervals will sculpt your body from head to toe.  No equipment required.  Get ready to sweat! Do this routine in only 20 minutes with options to increase your workout time to 45 or 60 minutes.

Core Conditioning Program: only $25.00 + tax
A strong core = decreased chance of injury and a leaner-looking you!  Cardio boosts in between strengthening exercises give you a added calorie-burning potential.

“My motivation for purchasing the program was to get out of a sedentary lifestyle and get back to being active. Formal exercise had not been a priority in many years and as a result my quality of life was suffering.  Virtual Training is easy to incorporate into my life and I’ve become stronger and leaner.  It’ll work for everyone; from an out-of-shape Mommy like me to an elite athlete.” – Jennifer S.

Add in Coaching Sessions for even better results:

For 10 weeks, you will have a weekly scheduled 15-minute coaching conversation via Skype or phone. You and your trainer will talk about your exercise routines, eating habits and any obstacles you’ve been facing. The weekly weigh-in with your trainer will also help you stay on track to your goals.

10 Coaching Sessions:

Only $150.00 + HST

“The weekly coaching was a great motivation for me to keep up the hard work. Beth’s tips and advice were very helpful and I easily put them into practice.” – Richard S.

Looking for a customized workout?

Let us design a Virtual Program specific to your needs and goals.  From only $150.00 + HST including needs analysis, video demonstration and private web access to your routine.  Email for more information.

Making lifestyle changes on your own is tough.

With CareerFit Mom as your coach and motivator, you’ll be set up for success with your new healthy habits.  What are you waiting for?  Start today!

  • Testimonials

    “Beth is fantastic! I've taken her classes and am currently doing some personal training with her. She's energetic, enthusiastic and so motivating - also lots of fun! Her classes are innovative: winter wellness walk, play fit with your kids and morning healthy weight loss sessions to name a few. I highly recommend her to all new moms! - Victoria”
  • Mom of the Month

    Erin’s baby was only three months old when she saw a poster for CareerFit Mom in her neighbourhood.

    “I didn’t have any numerical goals – just wanted to kickstart a healthy and active routine in my life,” she says. Finding CareerFit Mom was the key. The exercise classes available were created with a new mom in mind ... More