Is this you?

“I’m frustrated that I’m so out of shape.”

“I don’t feel comfortable in my body since becoming a parent because I just can’t seem to lose the weight.”

“I’m disappointed that I put on so much weight during my pregnancy and that I didn’t lose it as quickly as I hoped after the baby came.”

“I feel like I’ve neglected myself while trying to balance work and home.  My own needs have been ignored.”

“When I feel sad, stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, I just can’t seem to stop eating.”

“I want to be a healthy role model to my children.”

CareerFit Mom will help you get into shape if you…

  • Are looking to lose pregnancy weight after having a baby.
  • Have limited time to spend on your health and fitness.
  • Want to start with a healthy lifestyle but may not have exercised for awhile.
  • Have a specific weight loss goal but have had difficulties in the past reaching them.

Clients will be successful working with CareerFit Mom if they are:

  • Ready to making changes to incorporate a better diet, exercise and positive behaviour modification into their lives.
  • Prepared to commit their time and energy to their weight loss and fitness goals.
  • Accountable to themselves and ready to overcome obstacles on the weight loss and fitness journey.
  • Ready to dig deep inside to reflect on the reasons they really want to lose weight and get fit.
  • Frustrated and ready to partner with a coach to get results.

CareerFit Mom will develop a customized fitness plan that will help you achieve your goals.  Click on How It Works to learn more.

  • Testimonials

    “My wife and I did personal training sessions together with Beth and she was fantastic! She was able to put a customized training program together for both of us that produced great sustainable results in a short period of time. I would recommend Beth to anyone interested in improving their fitness level and general well being. - Brad”
  • Mom of the Month

    Erin’s baby was only three months old when she saw a poster for CareerFit Mom in her neighbourhood.

    “I didn’t have any numerical goals – just wanted to kickstart a healthy and active routine in my life,” she says. Finding CareerFit Mom was the key. The exercise classes available were created with a new mom in mind ... More