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Experience joyful movement, mindset shifts & self-love.

An intuitive approach to fitness for women seeking inner and outer strength.

Vitality Practice with Beth

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Vitality Practice with Beth is a weight-neutral, body positive exercise library that will help you

…shake out tension and stretch
…build muscle and cardiovascular endurance
…be gentle with your body, or push yourself.

You get to choose the movements that will best serve you at that moment.

What you’re getting as a Vitality Practice Member:

  • Weekly livestream classes
  • New fitness videos added monthly for on-demand exercise
  • Exercise sessions between 8 and 45 minutes long
  • Intuitive movement and body positive coaching throughout
  • Tons of options to help you feel successful
  • Emailed support via Vitality Prompts and workout suggestions that will inspire you to exercise
“I just completed the first video in Vitality Practice with Beth. It was so great! Your delivery was bang on, the quality was excellent (professional feeling versus the amateur footage I’m used to), and I really felt great with the exercises you provided. I loved it!”
Patti G.

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Transmute your physical energy into holistic mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

How much does Vitality Practice cost?

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VITALITY: the state of being strong and active; energy.

Vitality is the powerful life force that is present in all living things. Including you, my friend.

I have such compassion for you, and deep respect for your body. Your body holds the essence of you within a physical being and it is beautiful.

About Beth Yarzab

Beth is a multi-certified fitness professional. She is also recovering from an eating disorder and from punishing herself with over-exercise. After a journey through prescriptive fitness regimens and high-intensity everything, Beth is learning how to honour her body’s innate wisdom.

With an approach to exercise that embraces body kindness and intuitive movement, Beth is getting comfortable on camera to deliver her message to the world through an online exercise video service, Vitality Practice with Beth.

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