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Be Inspired By…Erin!

Erin’s baby was only three months old when she saw a poster for CareerFit Mom in her neighbourhood.

“I didn’t have any numerical goals – just wanted to kickstart a healthy and active routine in my life,” she says.

Finding CareerFit Mom was the key. The exercise classes available were created with a new mom in mind – varied and accessible, making them easier for Erin to fit into her busy “mommy” schedule. Bit by bit, Erin got fit and lost inches –she is now an incredible twenty pounds lighter than her pre-pregnancy weight!

But, getting back in shape wasn’t the only benefit Erin found at CareerFit Mom. _DSC5538

“Everyone in the classes understood what my body had been through so I wasn’t easily discouraged,” she explains, adding that she was amazed by the new support system of mothers she found at class. “Now, I am back at work and I continue to be motivated by the new networks of mothers I found through CareerFit Mom.”

“We spend so much time nurturing our family, we often forget about ourselves.  Nothing can help us be the best mothers we can be than by being strong and healthy.”

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Mom of the Month – Judy

Be Inspired By…Judy!

For Judy, it was a couple of things that turned this formerly-active mom into one who was spending more and more time on the sidelines. The discovery of a benign heart condition, combined with a busy family life, somehow grew into an excuse not to exercise.  Judy was ready to simply accept a more sedentary lifestyle when she first talked to Beth.


Judy and Beth started training, once a week, almost two years ago. It wasn’t long before Judy added one of Beth’s weekly exercise classes to the regimen. Now, she’s back on track with a full and changing line-up of activities that range from skiing to paddle-boarding.”I’d somehow got to a point where I was starting to believe that I had to accept a less active life,” says Judy. “But then I talked to Beth about personal training. She described how we could take things step by step.”

“I needed to get over a mental hurdle with regard to exercising,” says Judy. “With the personal training, Beth was part trainer, and part therapist too. She helped me to see myself as an active, healthy person. Now, I’m taking part in all our family activities, and eager to try new ones too.”


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Be Inspired By…D’arcy!

_DSC5599D’arcy met Beth when their kids started school together – and her life has changed significantly since.

“I was debating starting my own business,” she says, honestly. “Beth helped me believe I could do it and even put the word out and got me my first client!”

But Beth’s impact on D’arcy doesn’t end there. Admitting she used to go to big gym chain, D’arcy switched to fitness classes through CareerFit Mom to stay in shape. Beth’s positivity, encouragement and constant energy keep her motivated – often at times she doesn’t want to work out!

“If I’m going to wake up at 5 a.m., Beth is the only one I can imagine doing it for,” she explains, adding, “It’s like waking up with the sunshine.”

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Be Inspired By…Ilana!

Ilana wasn’t looking for a personal trainer when she first heard about CareerFitMom. But, after seeing how fit her good friend was from Beth’s sessions, she decided to give her a call.

“When Beth came to the door I liked her immediately,” she remembers, adding, “I love Beth’s company and her support. She always points out the positive and motivates me to exercise more frequently.” And, because the sessions are planned Ilana doesn’t back out, so she also avoids feeling guilty about not exercising.

The stay at home mom, in her mid-40s, is focusing on staying fit and active.Ilana

“I see my in-laws, in their 80s, who are unable to walk far or take the stairs, and I don’t want to be in that situation. I know that happened gradually for them, so I thought I should pay attention now, in my mid-40s, to be sure to stay mobile and strong.”

Career Fit Mom helps her do just that… and so much more.

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Be Inspired By…Christy!

_DSC5748Christy was contemplating a career change when she met Beth, owner of CareerFit Mom. “I was thinking of going to grad school, while also applying for new jobs. Beth helped me with my applications and resumes.”

But it was Beth’s positive energy that was the biggest benefit.

“It was great to have someone be positive, but also objective. I felt supported and empowered.”
Since then, Christy has felt empowered to set a new goal – to incorporate fitness into her life.

“Fitness is not something I grew up with. It’s not something I liked. And, it’s not something that I find easy,” she explains honestly.

“I did it for myself, but I also wanted my son to see that women take care of themselves. I wanted to give him that example.”

So, while the idea seemed daunting, Christy hired Beth for personal training at home. Despite her husband’s demanding schedule and her commitments with her son, this enabled her to establish a weekly fitness commitment and become more comfortable with the exercises in private. After a year, she had the confidence to join group fitness classes.

“With Beth’s support, I feel less self-conscious and enjoy exercising with my new friends. I also feel like I am taking care of my body and my lifestyle reflects my body type – now I am athletic.

“This is a long-term process for me and I couldn’t have done this without CareerFit Mom.”

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October 2012 Mom of the Month

Just after Michelle’s daughter turned two, she signed up for a CareerFit Mom early morning GroupFit class. She has been taking CareerFit Mom classes ever since.

“My goals were to take time for myself and hang out with friends – Beth’s classes made perfect sense!,” she says. ““Morning GroupFit allows me to get a workout in before the kids wake up. I’ve been doing it twice a week for the past year. It’s an amazing way to start my day and kicks my metabolism into high gear.

Michelle also credits Beth’s “Learn to Run” class with helping her get back to pounding the pavement. With classes geared to all fitness levels, there is definitely something for everyone.

“She is a wonderful motivator and makes a sweaty workout fun,” she laughs. “You forget how hard you are working until you try to climb stairs the next day.”

And, says Michelle, Beth sets a great example of how a mom of twins can balance family life and work.

When she recently decided to return to work after staying home with her children, she turned to Beth to help her prep for an interview.

“I really wanted to land my dream job,” Michelle explains. “As I’d been out of the workforce for three years, Beth helped me focus my answers and highlight the skills I’d acquired in my new job as a mom.”

Best news – Michelle got that dream job!



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September 2012 Mom of the Month

For second-time mom, Tara, CareerFit Mom came along when she needed it most.

“I knew Beth from my mom’s group and had taken outdoor fitness classes. Then I found out my office was moving from its convenient, downtown location to the 905.”

Tara was overwhelmed and stressed out by the idea of commuting so far when she was also trying to adapt to life as a working mother of two kids (her daughter, then 4 years old, was also starting junior kindergarten at the same time). Not to mention, Tara felt uneasy being so far away from her baby, then one, who she would be dropping off at daycare for the first time.

“With easy access to drive thrus for breakfast and lunch when I didn’t feel I had time for any alternative, I put on a freshman 15,” she explains, adding that she called CareerFitMom for advice.

“Beth talked me through some options. We explored other career paths I could take and worked on my resume – I hadn’t needed one for so long the idea of even working on it was daunting! Additionally, she coached me on how to work with my management team to achieve the work/life balance I was looking for.”

And, Tara got the results she was looking for. With Beth’s encouragement, she was able to negotiate the changes she needed in her job to achieve balance instead of feeling trapped. And, with the help of Beth’s fitness classes, in less than six months, she was able to realign her time strategies and was able to lose the weight. She is feeling more energized and positive about herself.

“As Moms, we are busy, and it is challenging to carve out time for ourselves. CareerFitMom is a truly valuable organization that is ideal for Moms – for support, fitness, career advice. It all comes from a Mom who GETS IT.”

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Mom of the Month

Transitioning to motherhood can be so overwhelming. 

For Shannon, finding time to exercise was a priority, despite the changes she was facing as a new mom. 

Shannon - Mom of the Month

Shannon - Mom of the Month

Shannon joined my Stroller Group Fit classes this past summer and loved how the class eased her back into exercise after giving birth to her daughter in April.   “It is great that the workout varies from week to week so I never get bored.  I also appreciate that I’ve met other moms in my neighbourhood,” she says.  “The drop-in approach with Class Passes makes it easy to attend when I can.”  She is definitely a regular attendee – Shannon even brought her mom and a friend (who live out of town) to the Stroller Group Fit class to join her in her weekly sweat session!

Finding a fitness pro who is sensitive to the needs of post-partum women was important to Shannon. Taking into consideration a new mom’s pelvic wall strength, possible abdominal separation (diastasis recti), hormonal shifts and sleep deprivation – fitness needs to be modified for a range of abilities.  Says Shannon, “I went to one mom & baby fitness class where they did so many quad exercises on my first day that I could honestly barely make it down the stairs with my daughter for the next couple of days.   She was so new and tricky to carry then that I was scared to walk down the stairs on a good day with her!”  Returning to gentle exercise and then continually increasing your efforts as you get stronger is a healthy way to shed baby fat and return to pre-pregnancy weight.

I really respect Shannon’s ability to try new things and take on new challenges.  When I recommended a push-up program to my participants, Shannon quickly signed herself (and her husband!) up.  It wasn’t long before she was pumping out more and more push-ups, reaching an all-time high of 25 full push-ups in a row.  Shannon also committed to doing my Weekly Challenge moves, incorporating tough exercises like Wall Squats and Tricep Dips into her at-home routine.  She even managed to fit in my 20-minute “Fitness in a Flash” workout over the holidays!

“Beth is really good at incorporating exercises that can be modified which made it more comfortable to ease back into exercising at first.  Now I can make the exercises more challenging since my fitness has steadily improved,” Shannon says.

Shannon’s arms are looking really buff and she has toned up all over.  She gained 45 pounds during pregnancy and lost the first 20 fairly quickly after her daughter was born.  She has worked hard to lose an additional 13 pounds since the fall.  Shannon will be joining my Weight Loss Program on Tuesday mornings to help keep her on track to lose the final few pounds.  The Weight Loss Program includes a weigh-in, group meeting and 30-minute power workout.  As Shannon says, “this is just what I need at this stage post-partum!”

“Beth’s approach to fitness and style of instructing has made working out with a baby very easy and enjoyable.  I love going to Career Fit Mom exercise classes during the day; it feels like a total luxury.  This is the life I would love to continue living if I didn’t have to go back to work after my maternity leave!”

I’m so happy to have Shannon and her daughter at my classes each week and I look forward to her participating in my early morning and evening classes when she heads back to work.  Her commitment to exercise and enthusiasm is motivating and encouraging for all new moms!



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Mom of the Month – December 2009

“Stroller Group Fit toned me up, big time!” 

As one of my most dedicated and motivated Group Fit participants, Marta has greatly improved her level of fitness and self-care over the last few months. Marta Mom of the Month December 2009_2

We were both having “one of those days” when I met Marta for the first time.  I personally needed a bit of a break and the local, family-friendly café seemed like a good place to rest and refuel. While my girls eagerly played with ponies in the café, I sat down in the air conditioned coolness and noticed Marta giving her three-year-old daughter and nine-month son a snack too.

Our conversation quickly turned to fitness.  Marta was passionate about playing rugby and was very involved in the sport before she got pregnant with her first child.  “I hadn’t done much physical activity since my rugby days and my body, mind and spirit definitely were in withdrawal”, she says.  “I missed the team camaraderie, the incredible work-outs and pushing myself on the field.”

“With a pre-schooler and a baby I found it so difficult to find time and motivation to exercise,” Marta says.  Like many of us, incorporating our children into our workouts is the only way to carve out that time.  Stroller Group Fit seemed like a possible solution for Marta – she could bring both kids along for the ride while she exercised with them at the park.

Marta dropped into her first class and participated with great intensity.  “It was tough those first few times,” she says.  “Beth gave options to make the moves easier or harder, but I was used to pushing myself in rugby and tried to give it my all.  I think I pushed myself a little too hard in those initial classes!”

It can be disheartening when we come back to fitness after a break.  Your mind remembers your previous abilities, but your body doesn’t.  Marta had the spirit and intention to kick up the intensity of her workouts, but she had to ease into it and re-build her conditioning again.

She started by incorporating Stroller Group Fit into her weeks with the kids.  It wasn’t long before she added my Saturday Morning Group Fit to her routine, while her husband was home on weekends.  Marta is willing to give anything a try, which I greatly admire.  “I’m not a big fan of dance aerobics, but Beth even had me coming out to her Baby Boogie class!” 

Marta now attends my indoor Stroller Circuit and Thursday night Group Fit classes.  Her cardiovascular ability has improved and she powers through sprints, plyometrics and cardio drills like nobody’s business.  “I’m much stronger now,” Marta says.  “I can do way more full push-ups and tricep dips than before.  I’m also noticing my everyday activities are so much easier.  Carrying my son, pushing the stroller, running after my daughter and getting around without the use of a car on a day-to-day basis are no longer a struggle.  I have energy to burn!”

She looks great, too!  Marta’s body has toned up and she’s seeing definition in her muscles that wasn’t there before.  “I’m really happy with how I look and feel,” she says.  “But mostly, I’m grateful to have found a solution that works for me, as a busy mom.  I wasn’t taking time for myself and my own needs, until I started attending Group Fit classes.  I’m really happy with the results of my efforts!”

Marta will be returning to work as an accountant in February and it will take a bit of adjusting.  She’s committed to continuing working out in the evenings at Group Fit classes.  I’m confident that her renewed enthusiasm for exercise will help her manage the transition back to work, giving her energy to juggle the daily challenges of being a working mom. 

Marta – I’m so glad we met that fateful day in the café!  I’m very proud of you and admire you as a strong woman and as a great mom!

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Mom of the Month – November 2009

Have you ever stepped on the scale and wondered how your weight crept up seemingly overnight? 

For Juli, a regular participant in my Group Fit classes, it was a wake up call when she realized she’d regained almost all the weight she’d lost after her pregnancy.  She was getting close to being back up to her pre-natal weight and her daughter was now two years old. 

“It was 18 months of not being mindful,” says Juli.  “I had a lot going on in my life, including trying to get pregnant again with baby number two.  I was only working out once per week (at MumNet) and was eating a lot more treats than usual.” Juli Langhorne Nov 25 2009_full hot body_resized

Juli hit the brakes and re-set her attitude this summer.  She’s still trying to get pregnant, but decided to take action on her weight loss now.  Her renewed focus on her health includes a revamped fitness routine with lots of cross-training at Group Fit classes.  Because the workouts change every week, Juli is challenging her body in new ways.  This method keeps her body guessing to avoid weight loss plateaus. 

Juli was a regular throughout the fall at my outdoor sessions and is now participating in the Early Riser’s Group Fit class.  “I love the flexibility of the pass system, so I can attend classes when it is convenient for me”, she says.  “Getting my workout done first thing in the morning is a real gift – I walk around the rest of the day feeling like I’ve accomplished so much!”  Juli even drops-in to the Baby & Mom Group Fit class on Wednesday afternoons when her daughter is in pre-school.  “Beth modifies the workout for me so I can get a good sweat, even without a baby carrier.  Plus, I love being around all the new moms and their little ones.”

Regular exercise and tracking her meals using the Weight Watchers method has helped Juli lose 25 pounds.  She is keeping momentum on her weight loss objective by setting mini-goals and keeping a positive mindset.  While she is extremely busy with her three year old daughter, her husband and her business as a skincare and nutrition consultant, she is aware of her own self-care needs.  “Scheduling my workouts into my calendar helps me create time for exercise and I’m less likely to blow it off when I get overwhelmed by my ‘to do’ list,” says Juli.

“The group dynamic in the classes is incredibly powerful.  The women I’ve met through Beth’s classes are really encouraging.  We share our stories, tips and lots of laughs,” remarks Juli.  She feels an extra push of accountability to attend Group Fit classes because the other participants are expecting her!

As women and mothJuli Langhorne Nov 25 2009_thumbs up_resizeders we have so many demands on our time and energy.  I believe that by giving back to yourself through exercise, nutrition and goal setting, is so important.  When we’re working towards something, we’re self-improving, getting stronger and healthier.  That gives us more to share with our families, co-workers, friends and neighbours.  Juli’s new mantra pretty much sums it up: “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better!”  Keep it up, Juli!  Your positive energy is inspirational!

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    “Thanks Beth for everything. I am so happy to have met you and start this wonderful fitness journey with you. You changed my life in a good way and I know there is no going back to the past again. I changed so much during the 2.5 years we spent here in Canada. I will always be really thankful for you and your inspiration and how it changed me! - Minna Kulmala”
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    Erin’s baby was only three months old when she saw a poster for CareerFit Mom in her neighbourhood.

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