We all know that working moms have a lot to juggle.

Many of us start to re-evaluate our professional lives after our children are born.

It is easier to recreate your career and engage in a job search with the help of a coach who truly understands what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for.  You need a neutral third-party to point you towards the opportunities you are missing and market yourself in a compelling way to future employers.

It is possible to make changes that will create fulfillment in your life and balance with the needs of your family.

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Career Fit Mom - Beth Yarzab

  • Testimonials

    “Thanks Beth for everything. I am so happy to have met you and start this wonderful fitness journey with you. You changed my life in a good way and I know there is no going back to the past again. I changed so much during the 2.5 years we spent here in Canada. I will always be really thankful for you and your inspiration and how it changed me! - Minna Kulmala”
    by Minna Kulmala
  • Mom of the Month

    Erin’s baby was only three months old when she saw a poster for CareerFit Mom in her neighbourhood.

    “I didn’t have any numerical goals – just wanted to kickstart a healthy and active routine in my life,” she says. Finding CareerFit Mom was the key. The exercise classes available were created with a new mom in mind ... More